1-2-1 Dog Training

Pre-class 121 for puppies

We also offer a single pre-course 121 if you need to wait a few weeks before starting the course, particularly if you are waiting for vaccinations and/or are new to owning a puppy. Again this is bespoke to whatever you need and often includes helping with nipping, jumping up, exercise and lead walking, crate and house training.

Cost: £55 (if signed up for a course) or £75 as a stand-alone session
For 121s in your home, depending on your location, there may be an additional charge for travel.

Just Diamonds – 121 training

Just Diamonds - 121 training

Not all dogs - for whatever reason - are comfortable in a class situation and learning in their familiar home environment is much easier for them. Or the class times might not suit. We can cover the puppy course at home if necessary, and also help older dogs with specific issues such as lead walking, recall, focus, jumping up, crate training etc. And, if we can’t help you (eg for extreme anxiety or aggression), we can refer you to a qualified canine behaviourist.

If you would like to find out more about 121 training, please contact us.

Cost: From £85 for one session; from £55 for any subsequent session, payable in advance *