Diamond Geezers

Diamond Geezers - Junior Improvers (aimed at Puppy Graduates or for young dogs over 20 weeks)

This is a follow-on course, again restricted to five youngsters in the same safe environment. Each session is supported by emailed handouts and training videos.

We will build on all of the foundation skills already familiar to you and your puppy, by adding difficulty and distractions and, where possible, ‘taking it on the road’ for some real life practice. It is very likely that young dogs attending this course will be approaching adolescence and the course will help them and you to cope with what can be a difficult life stage. This course will help to develop your pup’s impulse control and we will pay particular attention to training a reliable recall (although we can never guarantee a 100% recall from any dog - they have their own minds). We will also introduce new exercises and fun activities that will keep your dogs interested and wanting to be around you.

Cost: £75 for Puppy course graduates; £95 for new starters.

Our main training venue is Sedgebrook Social Club NG32 2EY  (Please not this is not a postal address)