Training classes

Ruff Cut Diamonds

Ruff Cut Diamonds - Puppies (up to 20 weeks unless agreed with Fiona)
Your puppy can join one of our puppy courses as soon as they have completed their vaccinations, unless your vet agrees they can start before that.  Numbers are restricted to a maximum of five puppies, and are held in a safe environment with inside and outside space.  Each session is supported by emailed handouts and training videos.

Diamond Geezer

Diamond Geezers - Junior Improvers (aimed at Puppy Graduates or for young dogs over 20 weeks)
This is a follow-on course, again restricted to five youngsters in the same safe environment.  Each session is supported by emailed handouts and training videos.

Sparkling Diamonds

Sparkling Diamonds  - And There’s More
This 6-week course looks in more depth as specific training concepts such as developing calmness and working with distractions, as well as an introduction to scent work and dog sports, using the clicker to shape behaviour. 

Brilliant Diamonds

Brilliant Diamonds - Fun for Family Dogs
A rolling course that focuses on owners/handlers and their dogs learning new skills and having fun!  The class content is discussed with the handlers and training is agreed according to what they need and their interests.

Puppy Packages

Puppy Packages
Puppy  package includes 121 sessions, these are bespoke to whatever you need and often includes helping with nipping, jumping up, exercise and lead walking, crate and hose training.

Diamond Hoops

Diamond Hoops
Canine Hoopers is a fast growing competitive dog sport that involves hoops, tunnels and barrels - no jumps.  As such, it is safe for dogs of all ages, including puppies and older dogs with reduced mobility.  Both Fiona and Charmaine are Canine Hoopers instructors at the basic introductory level.