UK Sniffer Dogs Bronze Scent Detection 6-week course or two x 2hr workshops with our qualified instructor. Progression courses are also available via our Sniffer Dog Club.

Suitable for any age and breed of dog, as well as for dogs that need some space. All dogs have a natural and amazing sense of smell and this course will provide mental enrichment and exercise, as well as a lot of fun.

Learn about scent identification, searching and indicating. Recognise when and how your dog indicates on the target scent (we use the scent of Red Kong in our initial scent detection training) and build your relationship with your dog while you work closely as a team to search in different and challenging areas.

Cost: £110 for the six-week Bronze course, to include a mini scent kit for your own use. £75 for each of the bronze workshops (two x 2 hour sessions completes the Bronze course).

Sniffer Dog Club (suitable for dogs that have completed the Bronze course) are ongoing at £16 per session. Also available via 121 sessions.