Using positive, science-based reward training methods, we offer training for puppies and older dogs in small group classes or 121 sessions. Dogs - of all ages - love to learn and we make it fun for them and for you. Our classes are small (maximum of 5 dogs), ensuring individual attention in a supportive and relaxed environment.

Our qualified and experienced trainers will give you and your dog confidence to deal with everyday situations, and help you build a rewarding and trusting relationship with your family pet. You will learn how dogs learn, and how best to channel your dog’s instinctive behaviours and enthusiasm.

We will equip you both with skills relevant to the real world and not just the training environment.

Some owners prefer 121 training sessions and not all dogs enjoy a class situation. For those owners and dogs, we offer 121 training in your home or at our training venue.

Our main training venue is Sedgebrook Social Club NG32 2EY where we train on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, and Saturdays during the day. The venue has secure indoor and outdoor space, and is easily
accessible by car from Grantham.


Fiona is a qualified and accredited member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT UK) and has  been training dogs professionally for over 16 years. Ruff Diamonds was set up in 2011; the name pays tribute to terriers everywhere and especially to a particular rogue Patterdale! Fiona has studied with some of the top trainers in the UK including Sarah Whitehead, Gwen Bailey, Craig Ogilvy and Steve Mann. She is continually building her own knowledge by attending further courses and seminars, as well as reading and research. This knowledge is passed on to clients in a fun, interesting and informative way.

Fiona has been fortunate to have shared her life with many and varied dogs including Afghan Hounds, a Border Collie, Boxers, Terriers, and a few ‘mutts’ too. Fiona’s current dogs are Spyder, a 12 year old Patterdale Terrier (the original Ruff Diamond and the dog on our logo); Alfie, a 10 year old Weimaraner and Poly, an 8 year old rescued Pug x Lhasa Apso. All have helped her to develop as the trainer she is today.

Clients will be familiar with Poly who attends most classes where he is an excellent demo dog (if in the right mood) and keeps an eye on the pups!

Fiona is particularly interested in ensuring that puppies have the best start with their new owners and in progressing their training. She also has a lot of experience working with and helping dogs that - for whatever reason - have ‘issues’. Fiona is experienced with rescue dogs; helping them to settle and adapt to their new life, training the basics (and further training) and assisting with those little niggles often experienced with a rescue dog.


Charmaine is a qualified and accredited member of the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT), qualifying in 2020. She lives with Teddy, a 12 year old rescued Terrier who is mostly deaf (not just selectively!) and Ziggy, a young Miniature Poodle. As well as training puppies and older dogs in our classes, Charmaine has a special interest in working with deaf and older dogs needing a bit more help. She is also increasing her knowledge of adolescent dogs, thanks to Ziggy!


Aura is our guest trainer who specialises in working with gundog breeds in family homes, and runs our popular Pet Gundog courses.  She is a qualified and accredited trainer with the IMDT.

Penny and Logan

Penny and Logan are currently training to become trainers, both hoping to qualify with the IMDT in the not too distant future. They currently help in class, watching and learning, as well as instructing. Both have attended our classes with their own dogs, which ignited their interest in learning more about dog training.


Lisa is an amazing class assistant, turning her hand to whatever is needed to ensure our owners and dogs have the best experience possible. She lives with Luna, a young Toy Poodle who has been through all our classes and is currently enjoying Hoopers.

We also welcome others who want to learn more about dog training and behaviour. That could be a student on work experience from college, or someone who has completed a degree and wants practical experience. Or a youngster or older person who just wants to be around dogs. Not all go on to become qualified trainers or behaviourists but they do all share a love of dogs and learning.